Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Perfect "Cute, Portable, Easy" Dessert Hunt

I love finding treasures in discount stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. I don't mind flipping through hundreds of items to find the perfect "thing" waiting for me. It's the thrill of the chase. I often feel that way about recipes. I'll have something in mind and I know, with just enough patience and searching, I'll find just what I'm looking for. Granted, I hardly ever follow a recipe exactly, but I like to have something solid to start with.

I'm bringing a dessert to a P.E.O. meeting in a couple weeks, so I've already been combing through websites and magazines for something cute (I'm serving it to lady friends), relatively easy, portable, and "light."

Just so happens that today two copies of Cook's Country Magazine landed on my desk. Its the magazine version of America's Test Kitchen TV show, in case you've never heard of it. They take a recipe and mess with it until they get the exact result they desire. I love that kind of recipe work!

In the April 2010 issue they feature Raspberry Mini Cheesecakes (not available on their site, I checked). Results: Portable-check. Cute-definitely check. Easy-we'll see. "Light"-well its not a heavy chocolate cake or pie, so I guess I'd consider it light. Plus it has fruit in it, that has to count for something. PLUS the "crust" is genius (that's bait to get you back for the recipe).

I'll post the recipe and results soon. But I just couldn't contain myself until then!

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