Monday, May 24, 2010

Crepes, Empanadas, and Cream Puffs--Oh My!

As mentioned in my "Sushi and Cream Puffs" post, I had a card for a free cream puff burning a hole in my pocket. After finding out that Rocky Treats had more than just cream puffs (things like sweet and savory crepes) I decided Brent and I should visit for brunch. The location was very plain and simple with just about six tables and one carafe of coffee available. But once the charming owner came out, we forgot all about the humble surroundings.

We chose two sweet crepes, an empanada and our free cream puff. The spicy beef empanada wasn't a traditional version--rather than being baked, the dough and filling where steamed to perfection. I could have eaten three of them, but instead I had one half after generously giving Brent the other half. My crepe choice, the blueberry and cream cheese, was the best. His banana and nutella was really good, but we both wished the banana had been cut into more manageable slices. And the green tea cream puff was made fresh in front of us. WOW! All that (the cream puff was free, mind you) was something ridiculous like $11.50.

We'll be back and we'll probably order one of each of the empanada flavors. And maybe one sweet crepe to share. I hope all my south suburban friends make the trip to Rocky Treats--its worth the trip!

The spicy beef empanada--this alone will bring me back for more!
Brent's banana nutella crepe
"Best in Show"--blueberry cream cheese crepe
The green tea cream puff. There are no words to describe a fresh cream puff!

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  1. I went for my free cream puff when they first opened, but I don't think they even had tables then or anything. The cream puff was good, but I would have loved to had the brunch feast it sounds like you two had :) Speaking of feasts, Jason wants to double with you two and go to the new hibachi here :) :)