Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Great Cheese Debate

I love string cheese! I take it as a snack nearly everyday, sometimes it's even part of breakfast. It provides some protein, low fat dairy and great taste all in a portable, single portion. So in my quest to save money and find a great tasting string cheese, I've chosen the following three brands. I'll buy whatever is on sale and gives me the best value (make sure you're looking at the cost per serving and not just the price). For instance, today the Sargento was "on sale" for $3.99 for a 12 pack. That's about $0.33 per piece. However, the Frigo was $4.99, not on sale. BUT there were18 pieces in that bag which means each piece was only $0.27. For a dollar more today, I got almost one more week's worth of cheese.
The Weight Watchers cheese has good flavor, but it's not my favorite. Every once in a while it's the cheapest, so I'll buy it. I've also found that some stores don't carry the WW string cheese.

Sargento Light has the best flavor, but I've found the size to be a little skimpy. I don't quite feel satisfied with just one. :)

My first choice, given that the price is right, is Frigo Light. The flavor is good and the size satisfies.


  1. I also love string cheese but usually get Sargento because I like he flavor. I will have to try your suggestion. Random story...when I was in elementary school my best friend and I would compete to see who could get the skinniest string to go all the way down the cheese.

  2. Do you still "string" your string cheese? I don't. I just eat it in stick form.