Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Cupcakes?

My friends know me so well! For May's monthly scrapbooking/craft session, my friends Ebeth and Leah celebrated my belated birthday with cupcakes!! It's become a tradition of sorts. We find something (anything, really) we need to celebrate each month and we get cupcakes from different shops. Someday we'll get through all the cupcake shops in Denver...well maybe.

This month Ebeth picked up cupcakes from Gigi's--one of the newest shops in Denver. I was so thrilled that my birthday was our excuse this month!

Overall, I was really impressed with Gigi's. Ebeth learned from the owner that they get their spices from a local favorite of mine, the Savory Spice Shop and they try to use mostly organic products. The consistency of the cake was PERFECT. It didn't crumble when we cut each one into thirds yet it was moist and flavorful. The frosting was delicious and thick--if not just a bit too heavy.

Our flavors for the night included (clockwise from top left) Tiger Tails, Southern Comfort, Peach Cobbler and Champagne. We each had our favorite. I loved the coconut laden Tiger Tails--a yellow cake with raspberry filling topped with buttercream and tons of coconut. Ebeth liked the Peach Cobbler--yellow cake swirled with peaches topped with peach cream cheese frosting. The Southern Comfort was really interesting, very dense and different--a pecan pie cake topped with caramel frosting. Leah's favorite was the Champagne with a nice white, champagne flavored cake and buttercream frosting. We were left suffering from a sugar rush-- we laughed the night away until we crashed!

Thank you to my friends for a wonderful cupcake birthday-month celebration. Oh and just in case you didn't figure this out after reading, I really love cupcakes. :)

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  1. These were by far my favorite cupcakes we have tried so far! What will it be next?!