Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sushi and Cream Puffs?

Last night Brent took me to our favorite sushi place, Yuki Sushi Robata, for an early birthday dinner. We sat at the bar as usual to engage with, Charlie, the chef and owner. Like always the sushi was delicious--if you ever go there, make sure to order the Dragon Boats, one of my favorite dishes ever. I can't even describe how savory and delicious it is. I snarfed them down before I remembered to take a pic--I'm new at this blog thing, ok?!

So where do the cream puffs come in? There's a new little shop in a different part of Highlands Ranch called Rocky Treats. I've driven by it a hundred times, but never stopped in. They sell sweet cream puffs, savory cream puffs, and crepes. Charlie and his new sous chef started a new partnership with Rocky Treats and they are now offering mini-cream puffs at Yuki Sushi. For three mini-puffs we paid $2.95. Pretty good deal!

We had one Rum Raisin, one Strawberry and one Vanilla. Brent's favorite was Strawberry and I liked the classic Vanilla. Charlie also gave us a card for a free regular cream puff (larger) redeemable at Rocky Treats (written in Japanese so I can't read a lick of it--I wonder if its a prank and he wrote something else on the card?) so I guess I'll be stopping into to Rocky Treats soon!

For your drooling pleasure...
Love the sparkler on the top--just for kicks

Up close with the puffs

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  1. What a fun beginning to your birthday weekend! We will have to double-date to sushi sometime because your post is making me crave it! I also drive by Rocky Treats and have never stopped in before, but I definitely will now! I love cream puffs. Have a wonderful birthday weekend!