Monday, July 12, 2010

Recommendation: Yuki Sushi & Robata

I know I've mentioned Yuki Sushi and Robata in Lone Tree a couple times already, but seriously it is one of our favorite places to eat. Sushi is a relatively healthy food, barring you can avoid tempura, cream cheese, and the mayo including in some popular rolls. If you stick with nigiri and "lighter" rolls, you're looking at a decent meal.

We love Yuki for so many reasons:

1. We love Charlie (really, his name is Chung Su but he answers to a more American name). He's the owner and is always behind the sushi bar, ready to make your rolls. Here he is making our Carmen Miranda Roll. His smile and laugh are contagious!

2. He hired Gary (American name for Goro Son) who will make us traditional Japanese dishes, even if they aren't on the menu. Case in point--the picture below shows a special Spanish Mackerel that wasn't on the menu. But Brent saw another regular, Chad, eating it and asked for it as well. I tried a little bit of it, but mackerel in general has a strong fish flavor that I don't love. When he was done all that was left on the plate was a small piece of the head and the very tip of the tail.

3. The prices are great! You can get $1 pieces of nigiri and sashimi all day, every day. Other sushi place charge around $4.75-$5.50 for two pieces.

4. We have gotten to know the other wait staff and they're just as wonderful as Charlie and Gary.

5. The Carmen Miranda (yes, the lady who wore the fruit on her head) Roll. Yellowtail, avocado and mango wrapped in rice and pink seaweed, topped with creme fraiche, strawberry and blueberry. Sounds weird, but it is like dessert sushi. Charlie will only serve it when the berries and mango are in season--so June through September. The picture I took of it didn't come out well, but the one I took of Brent eating it, shows the pink seaweed and the berries. :)

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  1. Karli!, Chad here. I definitely love your blog, minus the fact that it makes me hungry every time I view it! Goro will kill me if people start calling him Gary - I joke with him about having an American name and what it would be, but he doesn't go by it and doesn't like it! It's just a couple of friends hassling each other!! Please save my life :) and make an addendum to your blog or "corrections" for me... !! LOL, hehe.