Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fish Sandwich with Mango-Peach Salsa

I read something about the Fillet 'O Fish sandwich from McDonald's the other day. I do love those sandwiches, but the sodium content and lack of any real nutrition made me sad. However, I still wanted to eat a fish sandwich. I had one fillet leftover from the Tilapia with Zesty Tomato Sauce so I decided to make a quick fish sandwich after my late swim workout. Luckily I had all the components to make this tasty, healthy sandwich in a snap (sans breading and pickles like the original).

It doesn't really need a recipe. I took an Orowheat Sandwich Thin and sprayed it lightly with Butter-flavored Pam and then popped it in the toaster. While that was toasting I microwaved the leftover fish fillet. I spread 1 tablespoon of light mayo on the bread and topped with lettuce and tomato and then the fillet. I had some great Mango-Peach Salsa in the fridge so I place a large tablespoon of that on top. I served some Baked Scoops tortilla chips on the side to dip in the salsa that fell out of the sandwich while I was eating.

I counted 6 points for my whole meal. It filled me up, provided protein, whole grain, and vegetables in a matter of five minutes.
Not your normal fish sandwich

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