Thursday, March 3, 2011

Roasted Dinner

First of all, let's just get it out there. My last post was in November and it is now March. Oh my! Where does the time go?

Ok, I feel better now.

We had some friends over for dinner the other night and I was particularly proud of the meal I prepared that night. Sometimes I'm critical of my recipes, but this time I wasn't. It was the bomb. Especially the (couldn't be easier) Bacon-Wrapped Dates. My mouth is watering remembering them!

This is less of a recipe and more of a concept. Cut each date (I planned on 2-3 per person) on one side and remove the pit. Cut pieces of Manchego cheese to fit neatly inside each date. Cut strip of bacon to just wrap around the stuffed date. You don't want to double up or the bacon will be raw. Put toothpick through each date. Cook in oven at 400. Turn after 6 minutes. Cook another 6 minutes. Make sure the bacon is done to your liking. Remove and let cool slightly. Drizzle with a bit of maple syrup (mine happened to have bourbon mixed in it from the glaze I'd just made for the salmon-below).
Before cooking

Absolutely delicious!

On to the rest of the meal. I tossed cauliflower in olive oil, salt and pepper. I roasted it at 400 for probably 20 minutes. Tossing occasionally. When it appeared nice and golden, I seasoned with a little bit of lemon juice and chipotle powder.
Roasting gives the cauliflower a unique flavor

Roasted some asparagus too!

I got so excited about the meal that I forgot to get a finished shot of the salmon. But I did get the pre-cooked shot. I drizzled a maple syrup/bourbon mixture on this salmon before cooking and halfway through. Simple.

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