Monday, May 23, 2011

Food Week in Pictures-Monday

I got to work and realized I'd volunteered to judge a recipe contest. So my plans for lunch were changed. I didn't take pictures of any of the samples, but I estimated 10 points for the small tastings.

Breakfast started with Dannon Greek yogurt, bananas and some generic Grape Nuts and my usual coffee. The Dannon Greek is awesome! It was only 2 points!

During a very busy afternoon at work, I enjoyed a Dove dark chocolate mini. Sorry for the crappy picture. I was in a hurry.

Then I got into a meeting where our leader had made homemade chocolate chip cookies. They were reasonably sized and everyone was raving so I had one. This picture shows the box, but I only took one.

I got home and had to wait for Brent...this is usually when I snack and today was no different. I thought I was starving. But I tried to choose wisely. So I had about a cup of the beautiful cherries I just purchased last night.
I gave myself 30 minutes and I was still hungry. So I took one small handful of some fruit and nut mix we had in the pantry. This seemed to hold me over better.

For dinner, I grilled two chicken breasts (cut into four servings). I sprinkled them with chipotle, garlic pepper and salt. When I served them, I put some pineapple chipotle salsa on top. Inside, I made a quick Mexican couscous with whole wheat couscous, a frozen veggie mix (for point free bulk/filler), salsa and an avocado. I also put in some olive oil. Just the couscous serving ended up being 10 points. Sigh.

After dinner we ran some errands which lead us to CostCo. On our way out, I convinced Brent we needed to split a cup (which was filled with about 2 cups) of their nonfat swirl frozen yogurt. One cup was 3 points.

My total for the day was 33 even with the perfect dessert. I don't feel too bad about that! As I'm sitting here typing, my fingers feel swollen. So either I didn't drink enough water today or I had something with too much sodium in it. :(

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